Januari 2019 I finished 'Wild growth'.

The work was installed in the living room and consists of a painting (60x160cm, oil on linen) and a ceramic sculpture placed in relation to each other.

10 en 11 november 2018 'Slowtime' installation.

This summer I made an object outside my comfort zone. The work was installed in autumn and is made of oak wood and ceramics and looks like liquid metal resting on/in the wooden structure. Now nature and seasons will play with it and hopefully moss will grow and finish the work connecting art and nature as I intended.

14 dec 2018 Building a difference with a plastic bag. This is a work that started with the working title The new road. I wanted to push myself to find new ways of making form. During the process not only the way I use paint has changed but also the way I see form. Form has evolved from moving brushes to touching with colors. Will the difference make it work?

10 okt 2017 Wabisabi river

Dragon road(6 okt 2017)

It's fascinating how a painting can go its own way and then suddenly comes back home. I avoided to use most elements I have been thinking of the last couple of years  to create space for a surprise. But after a while that space asked for one more addition in the line of previous works. So now I have a fascinating hybrid painting that combines a new approach towards an old mystic creature and the energy of color and movement of growth.

Compilation(19 april 2017, no audio)

A compilation of 3D animations I made for a AIR application in New Zealand.

Studio view(12 april 2017)

Mourning in youth land (early 2014)

From here I kept track of thoughts and feelings that guided me since my previous website (2003-2017).


my art is growing in two directions

part is material,.... part is virtual

moving forward and backward

at the same time

The future is behind me! Fs'13

Fs’13 part of missing default

Fs’10 navigating the searchlight

Fs’10 voronoi touch

 What is growth? Fs’10

Fs’09 safety first

immaterial matter needs energy to Fs’08

fog road Fs’08

outside a foggy material light blinds me

half muted sounds carry no meaning anymore

diminished senses of center blur all directions

inside the road ahead lights up again

guiding me via raw energy sources

to outspoken beauty unknown

from scratch to nothing is my way

physically I am a painter

I say I stay

bye bye eternity Fs’08


Fs’05 words for double W

november st. is long

it echoes the rhythm of my pace
walk, speak, walking sound
of colored shadows leaking
changes in the song