by order

If you have or need an idea for a specific place or context we can make an appointment to talk about the possibilities. I can make paintings, site specific art, movies and 3d-designs. As long as the idea or proposal has some kind of relation with my previous work or will be a new challenge for me we can develop the order together. Please contact me for further details.


2018 An assignment to make a work in the living room matching with the interior. I made a proposal and after a few iterations the work developed into 'Wild growth' combining painting and ceramics.

2018 A special request for an object in the garden. The 3D proposal I made was used to raise money in a crowd funding process. The work also made it possible for me to develop a new kind of image that can be placed outside.

2018 Drawing for a scientific article publicized in a Chinese journal.

2014 Several 3D drawings of a cell state for a scientific paper about growing cells.

2013 Project and film I made with children with learning problems.

'Passers-by'(2013) is a painting by order of someone who had a personal theme, a place and specific color wishes. After several talks and proposals our ideas grew and the painting is a reflection of this process.

2012 One of fifteen short movies I made in cooperation with the teachers and the children of the group.

2011 Interview with artist about realized work.

2010 Interview with artist about realized work.

2009 Design for a floor painting on the threshold of two spaces. Time has left some traces and the spaces have changed their function several times.

2009 Interview with artist about planned work.

2008 Building museum Twentse Welle in 3D for Second Life.