Project art recycling

I discovered how I can recycle old paintings to create new visual value.
Somehow I hope to reduce my ecological footprint close to zero this way.
I used old works that lost their meaning because of material and conceptual decay.
This weaving of associations appeared to become a fertile ground for new ideas and work.
In this ongoing project I show works that are related to these concepts.

Title: recycling time
Material: woven strips of old painting mixed with new painting
Size: 2x(50×50)cm
Year: 2023

Title: three times
Material: woven strips of old paintings, video
Size: 160x160cm
Year: 2023

Title: old art recycling house
Material: woven strips of old paintings
Size: 270x150x150cm
Year: 2020

Title: woven art recycling
Material: mixed
Size: 25x(25x25cm)
Year: 2020