1983/1987 Academie for Art and Industry, AKI in Enschede.
Graduated: 18 juni 1987 Monumental design (gemengde media)
Graduation with paintings and installations.

1998/1999 Education Innovation consultant, Twente School of Management (TSM) Business School.
Graduated: 23 juli 1999
Graduation assignment: To write and implement a plan for a network organisation for Art, Technology, Science and Entrepreneurship in the region.
From this plan a foundation called X-pact emerged. A Innovation consultant is educated and trained to prepare, initiate, stimulate and implement renewal projects.

1978/1983 Technical Physics, Higher Technical School at Enschede.
Graduated: 20 september 1983
Graduation assignment: Röntgen-dosimetry on bodies of hospital employees to check if
they remained within their maximum dose of Röntgen radiation.



Exhibitions and assignments:

2019 Assignment Wild growth, 160x80x23cm, oil on linen and ceramics, private

2018 Assignment Slowtime, 50x50x180cm, oak and ceramics, private

2014 Assignment Passers-by, 70x200cm,oil on linen, 2014, private
2010 10 artist video portraits, ArtPie Amsterdam
2010 Bevrijdingsfestival, Zwolle, art project met voeten getreden
2009 Assignment Topart floordesign, Prismare, Enschede
2009 Several virtual exhibitions in and around the virtual museum Twentse Welle on Second Life
2008 Wall of statements on Second Enschede (Virtual exhibition and movie)
2007 Gogbotfestival, Enschede (Virtual exhibition on SecondLife)
2007 Redlink, Webbiennal Istanboel,
2006 Site SO, Balengebouw, Enschede (Duo exhibition, australian projects and overview)
2006 Transformation, Balengebouw, Enschede (Group exhibition artists from Enschede)
2004 Sound SO, OCBK, Zwolle (Duo exhibition with Words for Double W, performance about the relation between voice and paint movement, presentation 2 Australian projectproposals)
2004 Estafette, De Werkplaats, Borne (group exhibition)
2003 The Net of Place, Galerie Fischladen, Gronau (Theme related group exhibition and
project proposal Ashflower)
2003 Horizon 9 and The Net of Place, PBK/Markt 17, Enschede (Theme related group exhibition
and project proposal Ashflower)
2003 Horizon 9, Sofitel des Arts program, Melbourne (selected group exhibition to generate
australian contacts for individual projects in Australia)
2001 ’Art is a personal gift’, foundation Graphic Atelier Twente, Enschede (several reproducible
artforms brought together)
2001 Re-Born-E, solo project, artfoundation de Werkplaats Borne ,Borne
(site specific connecting installation)
2001 Natuurlijk Mens, Stedelijk museum, Zwolle (group exhibition)
2000 ’Contacts’, galery Mayart, Lonneker (Installation in a entrance hall about the vulnerability of contacts)
2000 Art purchaces Enschede, Markt 17, Enschede (group exhibition with art that was purchased by the city of Enschede)
2000 Artdocument 2000 Enschede, Markt 17, Enschede (group exhibition)
2000 Artdocument 2000 Enschede, open studio exhibition ’Contacts’ (solo)
1998 PerformanceFestival 1, Almelo (group performance by 2 Ons and videoinstallations by
1998 Lambooyhuis and Volière, Hengelo (connecting 2 art-rooms, group performance and
videoinstallation by 2 Ons)
1997 Theatre Freespeach, Almelo (group performance by 2 Ons in a program with poets and
1997 Artline Enschede, open studio route, Enschede
1997 Imagination Overijssel, Hardenberg (solo exhibition en group performance door 2 Ons)
1997 Citylink 053, dancetheater, Enschede (development and realisation, dance for
two professional dancers and a swivel chair by Friendship)
1996 The sea on the moor, Concordia C&C, Enschede (videoinstallation with interaction by the
visitors by Friendship)
1996 Volkspark, Enschede (performance by 2 Ons)
1996 Art purchases by the city of Enschede, Markt 17, Enschede (group exhibition with art that
was purchased by the city of Enschede)
1995 Friendship in the closet, Markt 17, Enschede, (performance and installation in a closet)
1995 Walstraat photostreet, Enschede, group (performance with Friendship as a dessert on the
menu card of a restaurant)
1995 More of the same, De kunstzaal, Hengelo, selected group (multiples)
1994 Fresh art, open studio route ,Enschede
1994 Ruimte Morguen, Antwerpen, international selected group (six months of changing
1994 Galerie Phoebus, Rotterdam (installation in a closet)
1992 Markt 17, Enschede, solo exhibition (paintings and installations)
1991 De kunstzaal, Hengelo, solo exhibition (paintings)
1990 Rijksmuseum Twente, Enschede (national selected group)
1989 De Keppelsche ijzergieterij, Laag Keppel, group (installation of a rubber wall in
relation to two ‘tables’ in the water)
1988 Salon der Debutanten, Slagharen (selected group)
1987 START 1987, Apeldoorn (selected group)
1986 De gele rijder, Arnhem (selected group)



Initiatives and Activities:

2019 Euforbia foundation

2010/NOW Project Window Dressing, I changed a window in my atelier in a display window to show smaller works continuously.
2011 JTV Enschede and Zwolle, teaching Artez music students to make a video with children.
2010/2011 15 films, 1 for each group of a elementary school in Glanerbrug, 1 year project.
2009/2010 6 workshops Making a filmleader. District Veltkamp, Enschede
2009/2014 Teaching about and production of media works for Tetem kunstruimte.
2009 ReBuilding Twentse Welle museum on Second Life (assignment).
2007/2009 Building and supporting activities on Second Enschede.
2007 Participation to the development of second Enschede on SecondLife.
2006/2007 Redlink web-based cooperation and interaction via internet.
2006 Organisation, design and realisation exhibition Site SO, Het Balengebouw in Enschede.
2005/2006 Organisation and realization (dance video’s and decoration) Electric Adults Dance Party’s,
Atak, Enschede (6 dance parties for 30+public, ca. 200 visitors each).
2004 Project journey to Australia to realise my Ashflower project. Searching for this metaphorical
2004 Development and Organisation of the journey to Australia to accomplish two individual
art projects.
2003 Development, organisation and curation of the exhibition program, The Net of Place, to
generate finance for the australian projects that are planned in 2004.
2003/heden Founder and chairman of the AE-foundation to support the australian projects.
2002 ExMxS-organisation resulting in the exhibition Horizon 9, Melbourne, Australia.
2001/2002 Facilitating brainstorms in my studio for students “Small Business” of Saxion Hogescholen.
2001/2003 Founder and member of the committee of the foundation Promartwente.
2000/2003 Studiomanager at the foundation Graphic Atelier Twente in Enschede.
2000 Organisation Promar information and brainstorm meeting in a bank in Enschede (ca. 100
2000 Development REM-concept.
1999 Writing the plan for Promar: a organisation for cooperation between artists and businesses.
1999 Writing a policy for a network organisation for Art, Technology, Science and
1999 Designcommission for a site-specific artwork for Service Centrum Noord in Enschede.
1997 Thinktank Artists and Businesses.
1995 Study-tour to Tibet.



Workexperience and embedded initiatives:

2019/Now Workshops new media for a diversity of groups.

2009/2015 Workshops video, stop-motion animation, photography for a diversity of groups.
2010/2011 Project resulting in 15 films, duration 7 to 15 minutes, 1 for each group of a elementary school in Glanerbrug, 1 year project. Guiding the teachers from script to Project and partiallly filming. Editing each film. The project was concluded with a filmevent for parents and relatives of the children. The 15 films where presented on 15 locations in the school simultaneously. Starring 350 children that evening.
2000/2003 Studiomanager at the foundation Graphic Atelier Twente in Enschede.
Tasks were; managing the studio, to acquire and accomplish graphic orders and conducting
graphic artists. In consultation with the board I realised changes to make the foundation
more up to date. In this period I desined an realised a internal rebuilding, advised for a
reorganisation and started a exhibitionroom for young artists open for all contemporary media.
2002 Project Digital Self-portrait for children from 12 to 16 years old (development, realisation and exhibition of the project). I realised 14 different fullcolour silk-screen prints (44×66 cm, 10 each) which were digitally composed by the children.
2001 Graphic calendar 2002 (participation, co-ordination en production).
2001 Silk-screen prints of six handwritten biographic text, photos and fullcolour-logo (150x)
2001 “Art is a personal gift” (Participation, composition and organisation). Exhibition that shows graphic art in relation to other reproducible forms of art like photography, video and small 3 dimensional work.
2000 ‘Experiment club Graphic Techniques’. Initiative to enlarge the involvement of the members of the foundation and to improve the mutual contacts. (idea, development, organisation and composition of the rounding off exhibition in 2001). After this program some group members decided to work together for a longer period.




Besides my autonomous work I initiated and participated in several co-operations.                                                  

Electric Adults Dance Party’s from june 2005:

Co-operation with a DJ to realize dance parties for a 30+ public. We invited guest artists to invent an image that interacted with the public.                                                              

AE Foundation from april 2003:

The goal of the foundation was to support and realize art projects that were based on the exploration of therelation between place and identity.

ExMxS july 2002 to beginning 2003:

Co-operation with 4 artists to organise a exhibition in Melbourne, Australia. This group exhibition (Horizon 9),served as a ‘stepping stone’ to generate contacts for the realisation of individual art projects in an australiancontext. From this co-operation the AE-foundation en the exhibition program The Net of Place emerged.

REM june 2000 to end 2000:

Cooperation with a philosopher and an architect. A pro-active conceptplan was proposed to develop therebuilding proces of the area that was destroyed by the fireworkdesaster in the city of Enschede.

HenS 1997 to 2002:

Co-operation with a colleague artist to bundle shared interests of artists and businesses. Together we wrote the plan Promar that formulates a joint market approach by artists and businesses in the region. From this plan the Promar foundation emerged and a starting grant was assigned.

2 Ons 1996 to 1998:

Co-operation with 4 artists. ‘2 ons’ was a multi disciplinair group of artists that brought their individualexpertise together to make new work.

Friendship 1993 to 1997:

Co-operation with friend and colleague-artist to use our friendship as a base for new works of art.



Publicity en publications:

2010 Catalog Art Pie contribution
2004 Daily paper Stentor, Interview exhibition Sound So
2003 Daily paper Gronau, Interview the Net of Place Galerie Fischladen
2003 Dialy paper Tubantia, Interview about The Net of Place projects
2003 Catalog Horizon 9, by the AE-Foundation
2003 Dutch Courier Australië, information about Horizon 9 exhibition in Australia
2002 Daily paper Tubantia, Interview about Australian projects and the AE foundation
2001 Daily paper Tubantia, Article with interview about the Re-Born-E project, Herman Haverkate
2001 Catalog art purchases of the city of Enschede
2000 R.E.M. conceptplan, published by the REM cooperation (100 pcs.)
1997 Peter&Frank Frank&Peter, book with performancephotos by Friendship (100 pcs.)
1996 Friendship 1995, wooden box with performancephotos by Friendship (100 pcs.)
1995 Friendship 1994, wooden box with performancephotos by Friendship (100 pcs.)
1995 Catalog art purchases of the city of Enschede
1992 Review about solo-exhibition M17, Daily paper Tubantia, Peggy Breithbart
1992 Over the edge, cultural magazine twente, interview, Fred Dannenburg
1991 Review about solo-exhibition in De Kunstzaal, Hengelo, Peggy Breithbarth
1990 Catalog Profession Artist
1988 Catalog Salon of Debutants




2019 Wild growth, 160x80x23cm, oil on linen and ceramics, private

2018 Slowtime, 50x50x180cm, oak and ceramics, private                                                                                    

2014 passers-by, 70x200cm,oil on linen, 2014,private

2002 N.t., 70×90 cm, oil on linen, 1990, bought by PBK/Enschede.                                                                                  

2000 From Barby to Piercing, 35×264 cm, mixed media, 1997, bought by the city of Enschede.                            

2000 Several paintings and smaller works during the open studio ‘contacts’                                                        

1996 Suite of discipline, 170 cm , mixed media, 1995, bought by the city of Enschede.

1995 Friendship 1994 (100x), (6,5 x14 x16 cm), 13 performancephotos in a wooden box.                                           

1995 Impression (4x), 6x11x12 cm, mixed media, multiple bought by ‘de Kunstzaal’, Hengelo.                                

1993 Swing, 50 x50 cm, oil on linen, 1991, bought by ‘de Kunstzaal’, Hengelo.



2007/2009 Financial support for Second Enschede
2006 Grant for the activities of the AE Foundation.
2003/2004 Grants via the AE Foundation for the Australian projects.
2002 Starting grant for the Promar plan.
2001 Grant for the Re-Born-E project.
1994/1998 Basic grant from BKVB
1989/1994 Production grants




2003/now Member of BBK.
1988/now Member of Metropolis M.
2001/now Several design and pre-press activities.
1985/now Visits to many exhibitions and all Venice Biennals and Documentas.
1989/1995 Member of VVK.